Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Word of the day


In psychology, anhedonia is an inability to experience pleasure from normally pleasurable life events such as eating, exercise, social interaction or sexual activities."

My God, my Buddah, Lion of Narnia! Can you imagine the horror?

If, like me, you're acquainted with one or more of these sad people, be of a charitable nature, and show them the wonders of life!

Or tell them to get over themselves.

Hot summer days

Mmh... Sounds like the title for an erotic novel. But is summer all that its cracked up to be?
Hot summer days...
Too hot for walking, exercising, cooking, eating, sexing. Basically everything that's fun.

I'm ok up to 25°, but anything hotter, makes me melt like a witch being drowned in water.

The only way to survive is sleeping in till 5 p.m. and ending the day with iced cocktails and beer, by the water.

The holiday season is finally here, so lets do it.

Forget about sunbathing in the scorching temperature, welcome the warm summer nights.
Make your own erotic novel.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Open your eyes

Feeling lighter, almost euphoric...

The opposite of anhedonic

The heart opens up to the world...

Bloodstone, I thank thee

As inner peace settles in.

For freeing my angel within.

Monday, June 14, 2010

... Metal

Death for anger

Symphonic for romance

Folk for fun

Viking for faraway

Black for Christ

Nu for rebellion

Power for confidence

Pagan for creed

Glam for party

Thrash for intolerance

Heavy for love of music

Speed for motivation

Industrial for hardheartedness

Goth for solitary moments

Let the festivals begin!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nothing thrills me more than being gagged and bound.

A masked muscular man

Approaches me, whip in hand.

I know not why I'm being punished,

 Yet a twisted part of me takes pleasure in the pain.

"Stop!" dare I yell?

Or shall I be punished yet again?

I am ashamed that I yearn more

Of a maltreatment so gore.

Master orders me on my knees,

Then has his way with me.

The sick pleasure delights us further and further

As we die inside each other.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Most men believe that women, after sexual intercourse, feel the need to justify the connexion by a relationship...

Most women, after sexual intercourse, feel the need to justify the connexion by a relationship.

Some women don't.

Gentlemen! Some women, after intercourse, especially intercourse that has occurred a little too early, feel the need to forget the man snoring beside them and move on to the next lucky bastard.

Women need to get over themselves and stop calling each others "sluts", "bitches", and "whores" if we want to get over the stereotype of wanting intense relationships, no matter how bad they are, and have a little fun.

We live in a time of supposed sexual equality, yet men still dominate the court of one night stands, and Ladies, it's all our fault.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

11 things I hate about you

1. You always contradict me, even when I'm right and you know it

2. You compliment me just after pissing me off because you know it makes me forget why I'm supposed to be mad at you

3. You need to wax but still look hot sporting the ape-man look

4. You never look at my expensive, hot, new lingerie, just enjoy ripping it off

5. You always joke and hint about S&M but never buy the whip and cuffs hanging in MagicX

6. You eat enough for 3 but never gain weight

7. You think vampires are stupid because you have only heard of those in Twilight

8. You hate it when we watch a movie with Hugh Jackman yet Megan Fox is your screensaver 

9. You enjoy getting me horny when I get my period

10.You can't watch Brokeback Mountain because the gay scenes make you uncomfortable yet you want to have a threesome

11.Despite the first 10 things I still love you