Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The weirdest things just happen...

I think... I think I was just mistaken for a high class callgirl!!
I was waiting at the bust stop... Minding my own business, and a guy in a limo pulls us and asks me if he can drop me anywhere. I politely decline, and he goes on to ask me out for coffee. I politely decline again, saying I'm busy. He tells me I'm charming and beautiful and the usual blablas. By the time he was done, I was bored and a bit pissed off... Who the hell was this guy, old and fugly, and why the hell was he still talking to me??
He finally gets the many hints and drives off.
Not 2 minutes later some guy sits down next to me, and I realize it's the same fugly-limo-guy!!
He persists again and again, asking me out or for drinks "some other time maybe" until I lose my patience and start ignoring him altogether.
Mr fugly-limo finally gets the message, apologizes, says its a pity cause I'm charming, and walks off. Thankfully he doesn't come back this time.
Now am I just being paranoid or what?

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