Friday, July 23, 2010

Age ain't nothing but a number?

Hello, it's been a while!

So let's rush into today's topic... AGE!

Is age difference still important in a world where 20 year olds bed 80 year old men, or cougars enjoy the company of young cubs?

I prefer the company of older men. No grandpas of course (or yet?). But I found myself increasingly attracted to men who are up to 20 years older than me.
We've all heard of the silver fox haven't we? Sexy, confident, toned, graying men who know what women really want.
There's a breed who know how to satisfy yours truly.

But what about the 35 year old unhappily married man who stares lustfully at the happily single young girl in her early twenties?
Don't get me wrong... I condemn adultery, but who's to blame someone who got married too young from just looking, and so clearly fantasizing.
When you compare this unhappy man to the 35 year old single man, who is evidently enjoying his best years to the fullest, you can't help but feel sorry for the former.

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