Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dreams, dreams, dreams

Any meaning to them at all? I think so...
It's your subconscious speaking.
It's all your fears and desires put together in the multiplex that is your head!
I believe it's a wild movie of metaphors revealing your wildest hopes.

I've been having a lot of them recently.
And always the same... Snakes trying to bite me so their venom will spread through my veins... I keep fighting it off.

I reckon, something's trying to change me or something's bringing a change to me life, and I'm not ready for it so I try to to fight it.

Is it a warning? Saying maybe I should stop fighting and let life take over me?

Or more something telling me to be careful and not to give up against anything that seems stronger than me.

I suppose a dream is like a song, open to interpretation by anyone who experiences it.

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