Thursday, May 27, 2010

Abercrombie model? Really?

We all have one friend who is a hopeless romantic and believes that no matter what's wrong with her, she'll end up with true love.

Well let's say you look like gorgeous Audrey Hepburn or Betty Grable, and what's wrong with you is that you don't shower more than once a week, I'm positive that you'll find someone who'd love you anyway.

I love Beth, but she's a tomboy who never wears make-up, hardly brushes her hair and wears the same old white Adidas shoes no matter what occasion. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with that (well maybe a little), but Ms. Beth will only find men who look like Abercrombie models to be acceptable and up to her liking.

Ladies, if you feel the need to look like a teenage boy and wear smelly old gym-shoes... Aim lower!

I'm not saying this to  make anyone feel bad, I'm just trying to give you lovely girls a wake-up call.

Abercrombie look-a-likes  are generally in their twenties. Men in their twenties are not deep or soulful (generally), and are visual creatures. The prettier the package, the more they'll be interested, and ladies, I believe that in 2010 if you play your cards (make-up, accessories, clothes) right, you cannot not be pretty. I'm not saying that you have to look like any of those over-tanned fake-blondies who either are very snobby or giggle too much, I sure don't. Be yourself, but make an effort.

Of course they won't notice when you get something new... Yet they always notice that something's different.

They see the whole picture, not the Vivienne Westwood shoes.


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  1. knowing how to play your cards (no matter if it's new underwear, make-up or accessories, or the look in general), is just a proof you're not a 14 years old teenager anymore!

    (good job for that blog, honey, it's a pleasure to read you again)