Sunday, May 23, 2010

Obscene Desire 1

Good morning,

Hope you're having a pleasant one, because I sure ain't honey.

I fucked up, fucked him up, fucked us up, and was fucked in every other sense of the term.

This is what happens when you fuck to early on in the relationship... And when you fuck like a slut.

It's been so long since I've been in a relationship, I wonder if I still know how not to slut-fuck.

So this morning, while Mr Not-so-perfect pretended to sleep as I hunted his apartment for my clothes, I wondered what possessed me to sleep with him in the first place. Maybe I was bored or horny or both. Nevertheless, this guy was maybe the mistake too many. I knew I was smarter, better looking, and that he actually liked me. Who the fuck was he to ignore me after yelling at me the night before about being faithful? Or maybe this is just another story of two people getting together after getting really pissed.

All I've learned is that spending a night with someone you couldn't care less about is just not a mood lifter. And why this wasn't clear last night is just another fucking mystery, innit?

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