Thursday, January 13, 2011

New year's dinner (So, so late)

Hi darlings!

Been so so so busy, and it's already mid-January. New year's day has past, and no one probably cares anymore, but a promise is a promise! New year food pics!

So just the entrée and the cockatail, which are Scarlet Margaritas and Ham florentines with juicy beef skewers and horse radish sauce.
The other pics came out horrible, but the food was good I suppose since NO LEFTOVERS!!!
Anyway sorry for the lateness of this post... will try posting regularly once things have calmed down.


  1. Waaa,that looks amazing! Now I am huuuungry!!
    <3 The table set up,it is wonderful!

  2. thanks! yes i love having a pretty table^^, it adds something to the meal :)