Saturday, January 15, 2011

This month so far

Hey dears,

Sorry this post isn't going to be such a happy one...
I have less and less time to update my blog, although I still enjoy following others.
Lately I've been spending all my time and energy on my day job. I never invested myself so much, but I'm having the most miserable time at work.
My boss is frankly a nut, and it feels like I'm getting yelled at all day, sometimes for the smallest things without much reason.
I'll always admit when I'm wrong, or I didn't do a good job with something, but whatever I do, it's always wrong, wrong, wrong, or not good enough.
I feel like I'm losing myself actually... I've lost over 6 pounds since the beginning of the year, just with stressing over work.
Of course as I've always been a bit overweight I don't mind losing a bit, but not in this unhealthy way. I like my diets to be balanced out with lots of fruit and veg, not this "never hungry" nonsense.
It's been ages since I actually spent some real time on my make-up or clothes (which spells out disaster in my language ;) ), and the worst part is, he kind of makes me all weak, which is the exact opposit of my personnality.
I know you should never argue with your boss, but right now, I'm lying down waiting for him to walk all over me.
I have to stay in this job for a while, to get some good work experience, but also, I'm not a quitter, and am not used to giving up when things get a bit hard.
I have to make space for something else in my life, before this job swallows me up.

Any ideas??

Again sorry for the unhappy post.


Morticia Von Sweet


  1. oh no ! I hope it will get better for you !
    Maybe talk to him can help... I don't know.

    Anyway, you know I'm here if you need.
    See you soon

  2. thanks for the comment. Yeah It's shit for now, but it has to get better eventually. There's no point talking, he doesn't listen.
    Anyway, hope to see you soon dear!